A divorce, separation or common-law break-up is a very difficult and complex time, one that brings emotional, financial and personal challenges. You need a family lawyer on your side that you can trust to get the financial and custody outcomes you deserve.

Davies Law Firm provides expert legal services in the areas of family law and divorce. We can provide solid legal advice on prenuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements. Our Ottawa family law firm will always protect your child custody, visitation and access rights, because we understand that children are precious and not a bargaining tool.

Your Trusted Divorce Lawyers

Ottawa’s trusted and experienced family lawyer, Tanya Davies, specializes in winning the desired divorce, guardianship, child access, division of property and support settlements. She is empathetic, attentive and tenacious – always looking out for your and your child’s best interests.

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Even if both parties are on good terms, it is helpful to have the lawyers who can provide family law advice for a fair divorce settlement. At Davies Law Firm, we listen to your concerns, guide you through identifying your family law objectives and help you gain a successful, negotiated outcome.

If you do need to go to court, our family lawyers have the experience to protect your personal assets, business assets, investments, bank accounts, and your fair share of family income and property. If you cohabited with someone or were married and have questions about how your property should be divided, our Ottawa family lawyers can help. Call Davies Law Firm at 613-688-0462.

Why Davies Law Firm?

• Extensive family law experience in mediation, divorce agreements and court settlements.

• Our family lawyers help you explore your best options so you can make informed decisions.

• We can engage other professionals, such as family counsellors financial advisors, child protection workers and forensic accountants.

• Our family lawyers work to minimize conflict and promote agreement and negotiation.

Based in the heart of Ottawa, our family lawyers and support team are conveniently located. If you need straightforward, honest advice from expert family lawyers, get started by calling us at 613-688-0462.

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